About SEAF

The Southeast AeroCultural Fair (SEAF) was formed by the original states of Alabama, Florida and Georgia in 1975 as a combined trade show and convention to provide a forum for continuing education. Later the state of Tennessee joined. 

This allowed the vendors and exhibitors to have a central location for travel instead of visiting three different locations and by doing so increased the pool of speakers and educational programs.

Each state alternates each year to put on the conventions. 

Executive Director

Ashley Houston

Board of Directors

AlabamaJerry Wise
FloridaLee Turnquist
GeorgiaPatrick Andrews
TennesseeAshley Houston

How to get involved

Membership in SEAF is for any State Association that indicates a sincere desire and willingness to uphold and abide by the Articles of Constitution and Bylaws set forth by SEAF.  Application for membership in SEAF can be made to the Board of Directors in person by a duly authorized person from the state seeking membership.  Application shall be made at the February board meeting after the convention.


Our mission is to provide a forum for continuing education to the Aero Cultural industry.

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